Know how to choose the right MacBook case for you when buying at ebay, amazon, or lovinstar, with these seven tips to consider before buying the right protection for your MacBook.

1. Material – when searching for protection for your MacBook, make sure you choose the correct material for your case. I go with a crystal case which is see-through yet still very hard, I believe its poly carbonate. Its holds up and gets the job done and not think so that my MacBook doesn’t overheat.

2. Design – consider the cutouts and shape of your case. having a case with a open back will provide your laptop to open at wider angle with no restrictions. Some case’s have a covering in the back area, which provides little protection, but it limits how wide your MacBook opens. Also make sure to get the right fit mentioned below, so that are the ports have appropriate cut outs.

3. Apple logo – to go with an apple cut or not, is really your choice. Personally I like to get the cutout of the Apple. Not only because it looks good but it allows the shine of the Apple to glow. Some retailers that don’t have the cutout talk bad about it. Saying it “clogs up dust”. That’s some junk they tell you to make their case seem better. Watch out for those guys.

4. Fit – of all the factors to consider before purchasing your MacBook cover, fit is one of the main factors. Make sure to look at the specs to see whether they match with your MacBook model. Usually they specs will mention what your MacBook looks like to fit the case your thinking about buying. For example this case fits aluminum uni-body MacBook’s with black keyboards. Make sure your Mac matches the description.

5. Color – choose your favorite color for your case, you will be looking at it all day every day. Sometimes I like to buy to cases and switch shells so there is 2 different colors on my case.

6. price – quality is a factor, so do not choose the cheapest case. $30-$40 is a good price range below or above is not the best choice. To expensive and your getting jipped. To cheap and it won’t last, so again your getting jipped.

7. Where to buy – buying from eBay or Amazon were not the best choices, I had a bad experiences but great experiences with smaller online retailers. I like to go to, they provide great quality cases at great prices.

With these seven tips to consider before buying your MacBook case, you’ll buy the right case at the right price that fits you and your MacBook. Now you can go to, and to choose one case for your macbook.